Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jallil Shaheri Langaroudi, an Iranian university professor and translator

It was in 1999 that Mr. Fariborz Rowshanfekr brought me an English text and he asked me to edit it. It was a synopsis for a sequel to Cinderella and he wanted to send it to Walt Disney Co. Because the translated text had a lot of mistakes in translation I decided to translate the Persian text of Mr. Rowshanfekr to English myself.
I was very happy 8 years later when I watched Cinderella 3 because the synopsis of an Iranian writer had helped the sequel to the famous fiction of Cinderella to be made. But I couldn’t find the name of its real writer, Fariborz Rowshanfekr. I also searched credits of Cinderella 3 in IMDB and Wikipedia but I couldn’t find any trace of the name of Fariborz Rowshanfekr. I was the first one who unhappily informed Mr. Fariborz Rowshanfekr of the plagiarism. Hearing it from me, he laughed and said: "Wonderful! Excellent!" and then he said good by to me without hesitation and he went to find a copy of Cinderella 3.

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