Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ja’far Hassani, an Iranian script writer and expert in script writing

I watched Cinderella 3 and compared it with the synopsis of Fariborz Rowshanfekr. Regarding based correspondence since 1999, it is quite likely that the synopsis of Rowshanfekr made authorities of Walt Disney to think about making a sequel to Cinderella.
Separation of Cinderella from fairy the savior; the return of Cinderella and the prince by force to the past, the time before happiness; the devil entering to the story of Cinderella 3; the magic stick taken from the fairy by force; and the capture of the fairy are all the lines which were proposed to Walt Disny by Fariborz Rowshanfekr 8 years before the production of Cinderella 3. It is evident that all those similarities could not happen by chance and plagiarizing from the synopsis of Rowshanfekr by Walt Disny could not be denied.

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