Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hassan Mahdavifar, an Iranian script-writer and expert in screenplay

2002 was the year of producing a sequel to Cinderella of 1950. Walt Disney didn’t make sequel to it for 52 years. In 1999, three years earlier, Fariborz Rowshanfekr sent a synopsis to Walt Disney Co. for a sequel to Cinderella. By producing Cinderella 2 and ignoring the synopsis of Fariborz Rowshanfekr, they tried to use the ideas of their own writers but failure in box office made them regretted what they did. Then, in 2007, in complete unfairness, based on the synopsis of Fariborz Rowshanfekr Cinderella 3 was made which was a success in box office. Regarding the clear documents signed and sealed up by authorities in Walt Disney verifying that the company has received the synopsis, plagiarism by Walt Disney is evident and certain. Walt Disney presupposing that an Iranian writer could not afford legal procedures financially in the west has breached the legal rights for intellectual property of an Iranian writer. I hope that supportive centers pursuing this plagiarism to realize his right and to prove their presupposition was wrong.

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