Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bringing legal proceedings against Walt Disney by Fariborz Rowshanfekr

Fariborz Rowshanfekr, writer, after production and release of Cinderella 3, claimed that he is the owner of the script and has sent a paper of complaint to Walt Disney.
Fariborz Rowshanfekr on the result of pursuing legal proceedings with legal authorities said to the correspondent of Young Journalists Club: "Since I as a natural person in Iran can’t afford costs of legal proceedings in America, I consulted with Mrs. Pour Mohammadi, a member in department of intellectual property.
He added: "We decided to prepare a letter including clear and key questions and send it with attached documents and evidence on plagiarism to the United States Department of Justice."
"Questions including; Are the documents published by Fariborz Rowshanfekr could be used as an evidence of plagiarism in legal proceedings? or Could Fariborz Rowshanfekr, as an Iranian writer, start a lawsuit against somebody in America? and so on."
He added: " The United States Department of Justice notified us by a letter that its legal team of ownership is studying the documents and evidence of the case and it will answer us soon."
Rowshanfekr said: "A week later the representative of the legal team of the United States Department of Justice responded by a letter in which, among other points, it is mentioned that my script as an unpublished work is copyrighted and would be protected under U.S. law, that I could bring action against Walt Disney in American courts and in any country in which Cinderella 3 has been released or distributed, that it is easy to prove the access to my script for Walt Disney with regard to the evidence and documents provided by me. But the similarity of these two works must be proved in court"

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