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Asking Walt Disney Some Question
Asking Walt Disney Some Question:
The head of culture section of one of the Iranian news agencies called me and said that he had prepared some questions after analyzing the script of Cinderella 3 and comparing it with my synopsis he was going to ask director general or the public relation department of Walt Disney those question and I welcomed that proposition.
Following questions have been sent several times to Walt Disney Co. by two Iranian news agencies by fax and e-mail and they asked authorities of Walt Disney Co. by telephone to answer the questions but Walt Disney Co. acted against the conventional behavior of the media and neglected the questions and has not answered the:
Questions of Walt Disney Company
I. Regarding Mr. Rowsanfekr’s claim, does Walt Disney reject receiving his outline for Cinderella in 1999?
II. Mr. Rowshanfekr claims that he sent Walt Disney the outline of Cinderella story twice, by mail and fax simultaneously. He said that each time, he received an official response from the company. Do you approve of it?
III. It is also claimed that at the same time Walt Disney received the outline of Cinderella story; other entertainment and animation companies in Europe and America received the same outline, which they replied to officially. Their responses are other pieces of evidence that shows the outline Walt Disney received in 1999 was written and owned by Friborz Rowshanfekr. Would you comment on this allegation?
IV. Do Walt Disney experts find any similarity between Cinderella III screenplay and Mr. Rowshanfekr’s outline?
V. Mr. Rowshanfekr claims that he has a 20-minute recorded tape of a phone call he received from a Walt Disney staff about Rowshanfekr’s Cinderella story. Is it true that the company contacted him in 1999 about his outline on Cinderella?
VI. Mr. Rowshanfekr received three pages of job application from Walt Disney Company that shows the company’s interest in having his cooperation with Walt Disney. If his story was not acceptable, then, why these application forms are sent to him?
VII. Undoubtedly, fairy’s magic wand that was receiving its energy from God, could not make evil wishes come true. Hence, at the beginning of Cinderella III cartoon, her step-mother calls for seeking help from evil forces. Afterwards, the color of magic wand turns to green and all evil wishes of step-mother are fulfilled. Green color is the symbol of devil entering Cinderella III story. Isn’t this the same thing Mr. Rowshanfekr suggested in his story?
VIII. Elimination of the angel of desire character from the story is another suggestion of Mr. Rowshanfekr. Isn’t it? As we know, in Cinderella III cartoon, the angel of desire turns to a statue. Similarly, in Mr. Rowshanfekr’s story it is jailed in devil’s castle. Isn’t it a considerable similarity between Mr. Rowshanfekr’s story and Cinderella III cartoon?
IX. In both stories the angel of desire loses her magic wand. Is this resemblance accidental too?
X. In Mr. Rowshanfekr’s story the twister of time that takes Cinderella and the Prince back is black. In Cinderella III, the twister of time is green. Do you think that the difference of color may persuade the jury that these two stories are not the same?
XI. As Mr. Rowshanfekr is negotiating with some legal companies Walt Disney Company, with his published and unpublished mass of evidence, what’s your prediction about the final verdict?
XII. Even the members of Academy of Oscar shocked after seeing some pieces of evidence of this case. Aren’t you concerned about what Americans and other Walt Disney fans will think and say about the company after hearing all about this incident?
XIII. Walt Disney Company claims that its fundamental goal is production of entertaining films and cartoons showing good and evil collision. So, this will influence personal formation of children and youngsters of the world positively. What your prediction about your audience reacting to the news of “Walt Disney charged for illegal copying”?
Rowshanfekr co-writer of "Long Shadows of Sin" with Ja’far Hassani which has been produced by IRIB and it will be broadcasted soon. They are also co-writers of "For Father" whose right for production has been bought by Farabi Cinema Foundation. He is also co-writer of "Landing" which belongs to horror movies with Asghar Hashemi. He is an expert in script writing and planner and executive of cultural projects in script-writing workshop at Hoze-ye-Honary. Nowadays, he is working on an animation series, "Faithful Friends".

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