Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fereidon Farhoudi, an Iranian director and scrip-writer

In memories of mine since childhood and adolescence the name of Walt Disney Co. and its films have a high standing, unforgettable and irremovable. Animations and later live features produced by Walt Disney still are in my memory and they remain as before. We liked Walt Disney. Children of today also like Walt Disney’s films, even the old cartoons. Children like the ones who are truthful and intimate with their sayings and acts humanly and sincere. Now, Fariborz Rowshanfekr who has sent his synopsis to Walt Disney some time ago, once more has set forth for discussion the name of this company and revived it for us and old friends of Walt Disney but not with the old face of the company. Why is all that change happened? Why the company neglected the rights of the one who trusted its name, or deny it, to the extent that resorting to legal procedure, struggle, and realizing the rights is put up for discussion? What a pity! Why should cinema, and Walt Disney in particular, choose to go this way? Why the name of Walt Disney become associated with untruthfulness and unfriendliness? Why it acts in such a way that it is seen free of pure and unspoiled morality? Fariborz Rowshanfekr truthfully has sent the fruit of his creative power to Walt Disney, and then …. What a pity!

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