Sunday, October 30, 2011

Outline of Cinderella III

Synopsis of Cinderella III :
Cinderella III "A Twist In Time"
Film begins by Cinderella looking into the camera and talks about how her success story has to do with the helps she received from the Fairy. At this point Cinderella begins to sing and then scenes from her happy life with Prince and Cinderella continue.
The stepsisters are shown washing dishes and cloths and fighting with each other. Stepmother arrives with some unwashed clothes in her hand and reproaches them sarcastically. Anastasia suddenly notices the Prince and Cinderella on horseback happily riding into the forest. She is watching them jealously and begins to sing and walks towards their direction.
Somewhere in the heart of the forest, Fairy and her magic wand is preparing a picnic for Cinderella and the Prince. As the couple arrives at this site, the Fairy, birds and mice receive them with happiness.
Anastasia arrives at her designated place at the same time. The Fairy waves her wand and as Anastasia is secretly watching them, turns Cinderella and Prince’s clothes into beautiful fine royal costumes. Anastasia as if she has just discovered an important secret says that, so Cinderella’s success was because of Fairy Godmother’s help!
As the Fairy Godmother throws her wand to one side, Anastasia picks it up and goes back to her mother with the news. She then tells her mother that Cinderella succeeded with the help of the Fairy!
Anastasia’s mother and sister don’t believe her and walk away as the Fairy comes to her in search of her magic wand and asks her to give the wand back to her. But Anastasia refuses to give the wand back and they begin to strife when suddenly a light shoots out of the magic wand and hits the stepmother’s cat, Luciper and turns it into a half goose and half cat creature. Stepmother and Drizella are surprised as Anastasia and the Fairy’s fight over the magic wand continues.
Anastasia finally grabs the wand from the Fairy by force and by the next shoot turns her into a statue.
But Anastasia is sorry and anxious about her own action. The Fairy from this point until the end of the story stays in this position. Anastasia is sorry asStepmother comes over, takes the magic wand from Anastasia’s hand saying that that’s how Cinderella could succeed!
The stepmother introduces the magic wand as an element to access power, wealth and revenge. Stepmother knowing that with her dark intentions she will not be able to use the magic wand which gets its powers from the light of the God, looks up at the skies and asks the devil and its satanic powers to help her. Suddenly there is thunder and lightning and the white light of the magic wand turns into Green and this change of color of the magic wand means that now the satanic forces are in charge and they have now entered the story and from this point on all the wishes of the Stepmother comes through.
At this point, stepmother takes Cinderella and the Prince from the current state of happiness back to the time of before happiness.
Stepmother with the help of the magic wand makes the glass slipper to fit Anastasia’s foot and Anastasia becomes the favorite of the Prince and enters the palace.
Stepmother makes the Prince dance with Anastasia and creates illusions for him to think he is in love with Anastasia but when the Prince touches Anastasia’s hand he feels no love for her. The Prince keeps on dancing with Anastasia feeling bored and unhappy. Under the circumstances Cinderella manages, by the force of love to have influence on the Prince and brings back the lost happiness, without the help of the Fairy and even without the magic wand.
At the very end of the story, the Fairy breaks out of her statue mold and finds out that Cinderella and the Prince are once again living happily ever after, however this time without her help.

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